I MUST defend this accusation..............

The other day somebody accused me of only agreeing with him when it was along the "republican line". I am not a republican and find myself despising the fact that we even have  "parties". If I had to classify myself I would say I am a brokenhearted  democrat because we have not had a democrat in quite awhile. Back to the point, if you are accusing me of disagreeing with you unless it is something I agree with then GUILTY as charged.  I hope this clears up any questions you have about me to any of the leftist liberal people out there and you know who you are because I am not allowed to say your name. If it doesnt clear it up I am sure you will cry and whine about it until it becomes illegal, after all that is what liberals do. In closing just because you have the ability to write out these long drawn out blogs where you really do not say anything does not make you right and just because we stand for the star spangled banner does not make us lemmings it makes us RESPECTFUL.


Now go ahead and start correcting my grammar and writing skills it shows how smart you are and covers up your inability to make a choice or come to a point.

Uploaded 08/18/2008
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