i normally dont post blogs

i normally dont post blogs, my co-work got me into this site, its awesome may i add, cool stuff to look at and junk, but i just got a moobo chat from neko, which was awesome to chat with i was wow a peon like me talking to neko awesome !! but i like to rate things 5 stars and thumb up every ! cause im a happy go lucky type of person, but neko likes going around and thumbing people down and 1 staring everyone why ?? i dont know, i understand this is her blog section and im just a nobody but i dont care so to all my friends  5 stars, and a thumbs up, also i'll keep coming up with whitty comments to post on your blogs lol !


ohh and here my awesome conversation with neeko


MrsNekoJeans:fuzzywuzzy, you little bitchlol[9:30am]


 Bruce_Wayne1:fuzzy is my co-worker[9:31am]


 MrsNekoJeans:sure sure lol[9:31am]


 Bruce_Wayne1:he actually got me into this sitehe is stand over me i can prove it to you [9:32am]

 have a meebo id he said since you took him off your friends list he cant meebo with you [9:33am]


 MrsNekoJeans:who said he was there in the first place?meebo didn't add himhappens sometimesI didn't remove him from it[9:33am]


Bruce_Wayne1:ohh i dont really know how this shit works [9:33am] MrsNekoJeans:how can you

prove you're not him with a meebo id?[9:34am]


 Bruce_Wayne1:yeahmeebo id[9:34am]


 MrsNekoJeans:that's no proof[9:34am]




 MrsNekoJeans:Make a picture so I know it's you[9:35am]


 Bruce_Wayne1:me make a picture and like uploaded sure ill tell him to login too he is back at his desk and he justed logged in [9:35am]


MrsNekoJeans:Write "I'm Bruce Wayne" on paper and take a picture with fuzzy with his pants dropped and while holding his weener in your left hand.So it's proof you didn't photoshop it[9:36am]


 Bruce_Wayne1:right !! you got issues[9:36am]


 MrsNekoJeans:but more important, how the hell should I know which one of you is which?And that you didn't pay a bum to pose for wuzzylike thenaxx did for his uservid[9:37am]


 Bruce_Wayne1:lol[9:38am] i cant really prove much but fuzzy said he is going to write on your page while me and you chat[9:39am]


 umm you still there[9:39am] MrsNekoJeans:that's not proofI can get on 2 or more accounts at the same time[9:40am


] Incognito window in Chromium or different browsers. duh[9:40am]


 Bruce_Wayne1:nicebut we work on office computersso we only have IE [9:40am]


 MrsNekoJeans:you 5starred pascho from both of your accounts just now[9:41am]\


 Bruce_Wayne1:and we cant install other programs since IT wont let us[9:41am]


 MrsNekoJeans:and you both have the same IP[9:41am]


 Bruce_Wayne1:duhwe WORK IN THE SAME OFFICE[9:41am]


 MrsNekoJeans:so you suck the same dick too?like pascho's for example?lol[9:42am]


 Don't you guys get jealous of each other?2 pro tips:[9:42am]


 Bruce_Wayne1:we got to chatting with pascho he is actually a cool dude[9:43am]


 MrsNekoJeans:ask the IT guys to allow you using different browsers than IE, because people can access you hdd when you're using themthat's onethe second tips is, put those text files into separate folderdamn, it's chaos on your desktop[9:44am]


 when your boss comes in and looks at that, he must think you're a dumbass who can't organise his shitno porn on your office computer?[9:44am]


 Bruce_Wayne1:your funny[9:44am]


 MrsNekoJeans:man, you're boring[9:44am]


 Bruce_Wayne1:porn is for suckers[9:44am]


 MrsNekoJeans:It's "you're"not "your"I guess you're not any of the executives. lol[9:45am]


 Bruce_Wayne1:nope just a happy go luck person sorry lucky lol[9:45am]


 MrsNekoJeans:is there anything interesting in those documents?some dirt?[9:46am]

I can use against you?[9:46am]


Bruce_Wayne1:nope[9:46am] MrsNekoJeans:why didn't you register the office pack on your name?[9:47am] they don't like you enough?or is it a shared computer?[9:47am]


 Bruce_Wayne1:your funny[9:47am]


 MrsNekoJeans:here we go with the grammar again[9:48am] You didn't pay attention in 4th grade, didn't you?YOU'RE = YOU ARE[9:48am]


 Bruce_Wayne1:not so much [9:48am]


 MrsNekoJeans:YOUR = BELONGING TO YOU[9:48am]


 Bruce_Wayne1:didnt really like schooling growing up[9:49am] has being on this site for so long made you all anal do you not have real friends and you choose to bully others i had alot of respect for you neko [9:49am]


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