I said this the other night.........

Everybody take a chill pill, I would recommend 10 mgs of Valium. Ell will be back and so will blue and if for some reason they are able to get a real life out there in the "real" world then be happy and think of all the exciting stories they will tell when they come back and visit. I know ebaums blog section can and will survive no matter who leaves. That is of course unless I leave (he puffs out chest in fantasy power) but make no mistake they come and go and the key word is come because they will return. I will be on and off here for a few days because I will be doing something very manly. I bake pies on Thanksgiving and I bake cookies for Christmas and this year I have orders for 10 dozen Mexican Wedding cookies, 15 dozen peanut butter, 20 dozen oatmeal raisin, and 5 dozen cranberry oatmeal nut. I will be busy for a couple of days and I have only made my peanut butter cookies so far. In case you were counting that is 50 dozen and that is 600 cookies, damn I hate cookies.


I am off to bed and will be doing the manly art of baking at 7 am.

As always thanks for reading Bohank and relax out there guys and start the name calling now. I will get you started   "Hey Nancy boy"

Uploaded 12/13/2008
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