I have decided that I will finish my story,that I started about a week ago.Thanks for asking Bo.It wasn't easy coming to this decision,since every single word is true and how I saw it.This blogging stuff is all new to me,I'm not use to spilling my guts about my personnel life,but it has been a blessing in disguise.It was taking politics off my mind for awhile.I definitely had my my problems with Bush,I began to disagree with him when he went soft on the border,and when he and the rest of the Repubs. started spending money like a DRUNKEN LIBERAL.There was those of us that tried to voice our opinion but were drowned out by all the liberal cry babies,you cry babies didn't give a damn that they were spending all that money.Bush should have never given out those stimulus checks,he never should have bailed out the banks,he should never have bailed out the car companies.You libs are now using all that against him,but if you have any honesty in your poor miserable soles,you know that obama would have done all of those stupid things himself.I don't consider myself a hateful man,some would disagree.I consider myself to be a compassionate man,when I need to be,again some would disagree.I am by no means a fool.I will not be taken advantage of and I mean never.I am tired of all of these social programs that hand out money just because someone has children,if those individuals have children and they don't work then they don,t eat.If they get government assistance then they should have to take a drug test and get up every morning and go to work for the city or the state that they live in,make them do something for that money.If you are a illegal GET OUT,GET OUT,GET OUT,I absolutely have no compassion for you.If you show up at the emergency room with your kid you should be given a choice,because here in America we are all about choice.Choice#1 We will give treatment to your child if you go back to where you came from and get in line.Choice #2 If you don't like #1 THEN TAKE YOUR KID AND GET THE HELL OUT.I know that you libs are worried about how the world will look down on us,well hell to hear them tell it they don't like us any way,so fuck them,but this is where they all want to come.They want to come hear because they know that they just have to get in line for free stuff.The truth be told I care for my family above all else,and I use to care about other people,but I hear all you hateful people spewing such hatred out of your mouths and you get by with it so I'm going to join your club.So from now on fuck all you libs in the ass,if I saw you burning on the side of the road I would drive on by.If you can't get up and work to survive then you die and maybe it's best if you take your kids with you,at least it would brake the circle of worthless people.I hate that I am saying this,but I am tired of it all.When you try to help you are ridiculed if you won't give it for Free you are a terrible person.Well here I am A product of my environment.FUCK YOU,FUCK YOU,FUCK YOU.P.S.If you are a conservative then what is mine is yours,but I know that you don't want something for nothing.The rest of you,SEE YOU IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uploaded 08/06/2009
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