i think i speak for everyone one this site when i say .. fuk am

I dont know about you guys but im sick of americans and there filthy pizzas

all they do is wine and complain and kill innocent kids

if they put half the effort they do in all of that in to taking showers , this world would be a

better place to sniff


Stupid ugly american women piss me off the most , with there 12 pounds of make ups , enhanced breast and stupid brains. All of them are aids infested and i wouldnt waist a penny on fucking those prostitudes.


when you see an american on tv , change the channel, and write a fuck you to your local tv station.


when you see an american on the street , put his nuts in a vice so he cant procreate


and when you hear an american , cut your ears off.


Bottom line is , Americans are filthy like dogs , they smell and dont know the meaning of SHOWERS, they are so dumb they re ellect bush and then have a problem with his politics


think about it , Gas prices , Females with aids ,  homosexxualism        its all cuz of them


they are the rotten part of this world we call an apple   

if we dont unite then i promise you it will be over for all of us

our kids will be raised to be gay and not take showers and kill other kids when they grow up


theyr taking over countries one by one

first afghanastan then eygpt now iraq

next is going to be isreal or japan watch



be smart people , UNITE WITH ME



I know most people on this site will share my views

thank you for your time guys


Uploaded 11/02/2010
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