I think it's crossed every ones mind...

     At some stage or another, whether you feel you're completely stable and sane or not. We have all looked at someone and dreamed of removing someones head and running whooping around the room with it.

     Sure, its probably not a NORMAL thought, but I bet you've done it. If the postman failed to deliver your full Dexter collection you've ordered from Amazon, or if the salesperson scratches your American Psycho DVD while enclosing it in its protective case - you have thought about the machete. The one you keep in the trunk of your car, for that, "just in case" moment. Its hard to claim insanity in court though, when you walked three blocks to the parking lot and then walked the three blocks back with it..but then again, ONLY an insane person would walk that far to get it. 

    The dude in Norway with his Crusade against know on that island full of campers....they were Muslim...weren't they? Or was he crazy? Youd have to be pretty damn insane to crash an aeroplane into a building too, or even believe that when you die you are going to a magical fairyland surrounded by a bevy of naked virgins. I havent had a muslim explain to me though if its actually written whether they're male or female virgins... Hey, christians apparently have a virgin too...and she gave birth..hmmmnn...not saying Christians are insane at all. That vacant eyed stare, that slightly disturbed knowing relaxed smile...the smile of the down-syndromed.

     So anyway, when they told me I was no longer employed I sort of smiled and went, "Oh, worries". Stab stab stab..the thought in my mind as I leave..destroy something..anything! drove away, stomach churning, dreaming of murder, knowing Im not quite insane enough..I need to unwind and relax a little...put my feet up..slush down copious amounts of alcohol and of course the most important of all..


Thank God for Grand Theft Auto...


Uploaded 07/26/2011
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