I too have other accounts...

I read other peoples blogs about having multiple acounts. I have a confession i am 55%of the bloggers on ebaums.I was also featured on "to catch a predator" three times.I am writing this confession from jail .the picture i claim is me and my pooky(girl friend)  in my submissions i stole off of google, I googled "The coolest person who is as good if not better than batman!" and i found Theliquidsinners myspace and stole his identity... I saw him in person he swung at me but it was funny when i woke up in the hospital. What a great guy he probaly wouldnt like me mocking the idea of intelect on ebaums world with my dumb blogs about aborted celebrity babys dadys.I will send this account to him with the password and allow him the right to take over my account....To think I was just about to blog battle again.....Maybe this time people would see The point ...Rest in peace tupac... and biggy!!  Well where was i ?


Ok So back to the blog hmmm. Do you guys actualy find that crap about different accounts to be interesting ??I assumed anyone who cared about commenting had a couple incase of being banned.I do not care about commenting . I lost my right to comment when i made an anti caturday comment in a caturday gallery. I am a martyr for the cause... Then ebaums supports my idea and doesnt reinstate my comment rights!? i dont care just thought i would take what credits owed to me. What was i talking about oh yeah.

I am blah blah and i have alot of accounts n shit. Im getting lazy with the blogs anyone  need any advice from a half wit self mutilating pervert? It could be anything i will write an advice collumn. Im so bored and the blog section is slow ...



Matt.......Or is it?                   yeah its me.....If i was pretending to be someone else i would spell check or reread what i write.... i do not...

Uploaded 11/20/2008
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