I waited and waited......

I am so damn ashamed of my country and the extremes we go to help these so called poor victims. The two most powerful men (let the debate start) in the free world hold a fucking beer party to help out in something that really is not their business. I have tried to be optimistic because we need to be open to new ideals and although I didn't vote Obama he is our president and he should be just that, not a fucking keg master!!! We all cry foul when we hear of the money spent on this damn war, I wonder what this little party cost and how many kids could have been put through school with the money. I mean it, I am so damn pissed about this whole deal. If a cop pulls me over I dont argue with him because that is what court is for and if he comes to my house I dont scream like some little bitch about my rights, PULL OVER and shut up or when they come to your door with a legitimate claim be cooperative.


It was all so nice and Biden had to be there so we could all see the two white guys and two black guys because we wouldn't want to appear racists because apparently this is what our president is good for. Hey Obama stay out of local business and take care of health care and our economy because if you got time for this bull shit then we need to find something else for you to do. Remember if you got time to lean then you have time to clean. OH NO did I say that because we all know that there are a lot of black people in cleaning jobs. TIME FOR ANOTHER BEER SUMMIT, why doesn't this bother you guys on here who are more political than I am? Like the title said I waited for somebody to write about this but nooooooooo!


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 07/31/2009
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