I wanna know...

This is something that has bugged me ever since I was aware of what SEX was. I wanna know......What kind of pleasure is derived from watching porn? Mind you I love looking at a beautiful woman just as much as any guy but when it comes to porn...there are no beautiful women. There are pretty faces, nice figures and jiggly things to catch the eye yes but when you take into account what they are doing and the reasons why all beauty fades fast.

I also get no pleasure from looking at a guys schlong. Or a guys anything for that matter. And, when you branch out from 'normal' porn into weird fucked up shit like animals, she-males and shitting/pissing on each other....I just don't fucking get it!

Sex is a personal, private matter between two people who love each other. You don't talk about it with the guys in the locker room. You don't talk about it with the girls on girls night out. What two people do in their bedroom stays there and stays between them. It should not be video taped, audio taped, duct taped or anything.

When I think back to my ex-wife (because that's the last person I had sex with) there were times when we made love. There were times when we had sex. There were times when we fucked. These were all different forms of one for one another. Do the people you watch in porns love each other? Shit...they don't even know each other's names. That's disgusting to me. All the things that make sex exciting have been stripped away when it comes to porn. There's no love, caring, security, compassion, trust or feeling of any kind. There's no BEAUTY in it. When there's no beauty there's no meaning, when there's no meaning there's no love and when there's no love there's no sex. What you have left then is

Guys, when you're watching some whore on your tv or your monitor do that one really cool thing you wish a woman would do for you I suggest you think of things this way; If you had a woman and you both truly loved each other there's nothing she wouldn't do for you. Find a woman who loves you and you'll never watch porn again. If you still watch porn after finding a woman then I think you have serious problems and should get professional help.


Real Deunan 

Uploaded 10/13/2010
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