Eversince we moved Ive been forced to share a room with my sister and her boyfriend for like 6months now and its gotten worse and its getting worser . At first he was barely here and I was cool with that , then he started sleeping over , I was cool with that as long as they dont have sex while Iam in the same room ,but now hes even here when my sister is at work , his clothes are everywhere , he talks too much, oh and he took a FUCKING SHIT AND DIDNT FLUSH, hes a fuckin disgusting mexican he smells like feet and toco bell , someTIMEes he walks around with just his boxers and his little pickle pops out, and I really dont want to see that ,,, its not just that Though when my sister and leo are together my sister acts like a baby and shell like make baby noises and literally cry like a baby to get wat she wants, I cant really explain it its just annoys the fuck out of me and THEY dO this to me EVIEryday. AND like couple of days ago when I was taking a nap they were having sexy ,she tried to deny it but i have evidence that morning I pretty sure I saw a condom on the floor, I feel violated ,I have no privacy, I hate sharing a room with them. Hes a nice guy , were friends , and I like him cuz he always hooks me up but hes here EVERYDAY and I DONT want him to live with us anymore I want him to go home. They drive me crazy I have no privacy and I feel violated .I dont give a fuck I hope they get married and move THE FUCK OUT.

Uploaded 12/10/2008
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