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Did he do a good job? Did he make things better or worse? How was your life in 1999 compared to your life in 2009?

Sure, things changed, everything changed, the world changed... but things always change.

I hear all the blahgging about Obama being the socialchrist... I mean antichrist, but how well did your man, Gee Dub, do? Really? Overall? Tell me, please!

We weren't attacked by terrorists on American soil over the last eight years, but there were attacks elsewhere by militant Islamists. England, Spain, Africa, India... Do you really feel safer having nearly a decade of this War on Terror?

As for the War on Terror, thats silly. How do you wage a war against a tool used by the ideologues of hate? That is just as ridiculous as LBJ's War on Poverty, neither worked, nor could they have! It is just too broad a term, too loosely defined, too hard to pin down. And our actions in this W.O.T.? What are we Rambo? "To survive a war, you must become war." (Rambo II) So to survive terrorism, we ourselves must become terrorists? We lost our position as moral authorities when we ourselves became proponents of terror and violence abroad.

Bush on the Economy? Sure, it isn't all his fault, most of the policies and pervasive group-think in D.C. had been around since the early eighties. But he was at the helm of the ship of state. The Buck Stops Here... remember that one? He allowed ineptitude and nepotism and greed to further bankrupt America. His tax cuts removed $300 billion in tax revenue away from public needs annually. Iraq and Afghanistan have cost about $700 billion. Well, there's that trillion dollar package Obama is pushing for right now!

Veterans' Affairs? The American Journal of Public Health found that in 2004 nearly 1.8 million veterans were uninsured and unable to get care in veterans' facilities. An additional 3.8 million members of their households were also uninsured and ineligible for VA care. Since then... don't know, no new studies have been done.

The Patriot Act? Good god! Habeas Corpus is one of the safeguards guaranteed in the Constitution. The Constitution is sacrosanct!

No Child Left Behind? Well, that proved to be the near inverse corollary... No Child Moved Ahead. Ask the teachers on here if they think it was a help or a hindrance. The Pell grants that so many relied on for secondary education were shifted from public institutions to mainly private (and Christian) ones.

New Orleans? Fuck man, I never even got to go to Mardi Gras. Bastard!! Bush FEMA buddy "Brownie" really screwed the pooch on that one.

If you are going to throw shit at a guy whos been on the job less than a week (and already accomplished more than you or i will in our lifetimes) then be prepared to defend the man that got us here. Here: broke, divided, and distanced from the world. And stop asking how Obama is going to unify this country, it ain't his job... it's ours. "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

I'll give him credit where credit is due. Peace talks in Northen Ireland and unprecedented funding to fight AIDS in Africa. Other'n that, you're done dude.

 Please, be concise and intelligent in your responses and contradictions to the points I've made... nah, never mind, just jump around like monkeys at the zoo and fling shit!





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