I Was Thinking About Jesus

So Jesus sacrificed his life so that he would atone for our sins, thereby allowing us a chance into  heaven.  Seems like a stand up thing to do. I'm not sure if it will work. Most of us take these things for granted or do not see any value or relevance today for such selfless acts.

I suppose it is difficult to feel or see some value in an ancient dude that no one has met or has come into contact with for a couple of thousand years. It's like, "What have you done for me lately"?

From a purely logistical standpoint, the killing of Jesus was at least unjustified based on fears and misunderstanding. In a spiritual sense, if you believe his death was for the salvation for mankind, it was rather brave and probably quite the painful experience.

It is odd that so many people find this idea so hard to believe... 'A man sacrificing his life for the betterment of mankind.'  Have not ordinary men done this over and over again, for country, community and family? Do they not still follow that example as soldiers for what they believe in? 

There are many who will quickly say that God does not exist. That Jesus is a frictional character. That there is no higher power that looks upon humanity with patience and an endlessly forgiving love. Well, that maybe so, we surely don't deserve it.

But ask yourself, " Why do soldiers go off to war? Why do men sacrifice their lives to keep others safe? Why does one soldier sacrifice himself  for his brethren?  If he dies and there is no higher cause, then why the fuck bother?

Was Jesus and every soldier who ever died for higher ideas just useful idiots to attain the goals of greedy men or power hungry ideologues?  And even if it was, does the sacrifice not  suggest there is more to a man than this physical world? 

Love like God is hard to define, let alone prove. Science usually provides us with one or two models to complex questions for which most of us will never take the time to understand, even if we had the intelligence or interest to do so.  Love and God has provided us with multiple models, when will we ever have the courage  to examine them?

Uploaded 04/10/2012
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