I went a little crazy

So what I do whenever I'm feeling down is shop. I quess thats better than eating your face whenever your down or depressed.

So its been raining all day here in Chicago there are no clouds or any sun out and its just plain sad and depressing.

So I decided to browse through some makeup sites like MAC and Napoleon Perdis.

First of I'm really into makeup and makeup products its like a little obsession of mine.

So I'm browsing and I find myself clicking " add to cart"  on everything that I like.

I was on the mac site for about 45 minutes browsing and talking to the makeup artist for some tips. SO I get bored of that site and decide to checkout . the total is a couple hundred dollars. Now I know I shouldnt buy any more makeup because I have over 3 train cases of that wonderful shit already.

But what do I do? I click proceed with payment. Now I have a wonderful package to look forward to in the mail.

I cant wait.

Uploaded 02/18/2009
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