I would french kiss Karma............

The blog written earlier about Karma got me thinking about how I love Karma and the lady can make you sing the blues. When I was 18 I got married because my girlfriend was pregnant and well you did that thing back then, unless you wanted people in the bible belt thinking poorly of you. So I marry this girl when she was 5 months pregnant and my daughter gave me such great joy when she was born. Now we were just kids and it was too much for her and it didnt take long until she was sleeping around on me and as time went by I found out she was sleeping with my dad and brothers. I guess you could say she was cheating on all of us and believe me she was cheating a hell of alot. So depending on who you talk to I was the one who brought her into the family, it doesnt matter what my family did because either way I was standing there at 19 years of age with my heart in my hands and no family for support. I wanted the bitch to pay so this guy told me about Karma and it is all fine a dandy but hell when you are going through this crap it doesnt come quick enough. Flash forward twenty years and I am so over this part of my life and had moved on quite successfully I must say.  A few years back my daughter dies and I see this woman for the first time in a long time at the funeral and she is living with her step brother (as a couple) and she is so damn strung out on drugs I cant believe it. Now picture this I am at my daughters funeral and I start thinking about my life compared to hers and this smile comes across my face and it is good for the briefest of moments. I would french kiss karma for that one moment and even if she was a man and I guess that makes me bisexual. lol Cheer up guys unless Karma has a date with you because as you can see even when she pays a debt. it still cost both people involved. She always finds a way to screw you so be ready and enjoy the PAYBACK!!!!!!


Thanks for reading Bohank

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