I would like to purpose a Roast.

I have an idea for the blog section that might be fun for some people.

I would like to have a Roast, like comedians do.  If you don't know what a roast is (besides the meat often sided with mash potatoes), it's when people get together to, I guess.. insult the "Roast Subject" with as many witty and funny insults and jokes as you can.  It's better when the jokes are somewhat personal to the roast subject.... telling everyone they're ugly is unoriginal and not what we're after.

Here's how it'll work.  Each week there will be a selected Roastee, for example; Me.  Anyone who wants to participate will write a blog full of jokes and insults about me, with the title 'Roast - Tyaeda'.   Yes, a blog.  If you're any good at this, you'd be able to think of a blog's length of shit to say.   Don't hold back.  Whether you actually feel that way or not, if it's funny... just say it.  This is just a game, on the internet... you couldn't be any less accountable. 

Two Rules:

1. This is all in good fun.  Don't get all butt hurt if someone touches a nerve with you. Or do.. but that would only make you a whiny bitch who can't take a joke... and who wants to be that douche?

2. By participating you are opening yourself up to being the Roast subject. If you don't want to be roasted.... don't roast.  Expressing in a Roast blog that you will not like to be roasted, will only bump you up on the list... unless of course you're just saying that so you will... and then in that case you fail because I already thought of it.

To kick things off, I'll be the first Roastee.    Once you're done your blog, post a link here in the comment section so even the retards can find it. 

Give er' your best shot. I look forward to laughing my ass off.

Uploaded 02/22/2011
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