I Wrote Blogs Before It Was Mainstream

Ohayou, guys! As you all know, I'm the highest blogger authority here and many people ask me how to become good writers. There's been a fad for blogging recently and even douche bags who can't write post their nonsense here, thinking that their word diarrhea is something valuable. I might remind you that this is Ebaumsworld, so try not to do the following:

1. Don't copy-paste other people's articles from around the web. It's not the clip section, where a bunch of tools upload the same video 10 times to get some eBones. This is a place for disputes and sharing interesting stories. No plagiarizing other people.

2. Stop the stupid political disputes. I know you like Barrack Obama/Ron Paul and want to convince other people that they are awesome. But here's the thing - you can't. The people who are against your candidate will post pointless babble about how stupid you are and try to convince others to vote for their candidate. Get this shit out of my section; nobody cares about who you want to vote for other than the people who like the same candidate. You will NEVER make your opponent change their mind in a battle like that. No matter what arguments you use.

3. This is a humor website. Calm your stupid asses down and enjoy the time you spend here. Stop searching for other users' information or posting their facebook profiles here. That's idiotic. What is your point in this? Are you perhaps hoping that there's a psychopath among your readers that would like to hurt your e-enemies, so you post their names and/or addresses here? Grow up.

4. Write interesting things. Don't post replies to other people's blog in your own, that's what comments are for. It's good that you have an opinion, but spamming the section with 5 one-paragraph blogs with bull shit is a waste of space.

5. Look up to great bloggers. Who are the best bloggers? There's me. And Fetismo. The Frogs are excellent writers.

If you have any questions about writing quality articles, post them in the comments section of my blog

Uploaded 09/27/2011
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