IASFREPIV1239...interesting.. let me point out the flaws


you proclaim to be-

I'm the man you wish you were. I have it all. I laugh at all you little pathetic faggots working 40 hour weeks and jerking off in front of their computer. I make well over $100,000 a year and I work at most 20 easy hours on a busy week. I spend most of my time at the beach, the gym, driving around in one of my Porsches, or fucking my hot girlfriend. Please continue living with your parents, working your 40+ hour job, drinking and smoking to make the pain go away while I live the life. You will never amount to me because I'm so fucking win and it eats you little faggots up on the inside.

So if you are:
- Canadian
- Black
- an ICP fan
- British
- US Marine
- mulatto
just give up now. You will never live up to my expectations.
yet.. let me see here.. ah yes you have -

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and you only have uploaded pictures of people who make you feel better about yourself

which means that you earned most of your points by viewing things, and then bitching with people.. with comments about how much better you are... does that really amke you fell good about yourself? like really... it must be sad knowing that the one thing that makes you feel great is that you can post random nonsense about you being "badass"

in conclusion, no one is forcing you to look, join, talk to, anyone or anything on this site, so just give up man.. seriously, your not fooling anyone... well except 3 of your subscribers

oh yea being a male model doesn't make you a man...

and your girlfriend is very pretty, you should treat her with more respect then just calling her your bitch, its not nice to call a woman that, and if you ever said that out loud in the wrong place you will get jumped by men who know how to treat a woman, something tells me she is the dominate one in your relationship, and that since you are only work "20 easy hours on a busy week" means that she probably pays for all your shit.. but yea treat her better, stop being a douche, its not cool and no one thinks you are cool

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