I'd Fuck You Is A Compliment


I saw a post today with a girl holding a sign that read:

Yelling, âIâd fuck you!" isnât a compliment. 

Sure, yelling, âIâd fuck you," is a tactless way to go about letting a girl know you are attracted to her, but I call bullshit on it not being a compliment.

If Ryan Gosling* yelled that at almost any chick, not only would she take it as a compliment, she would probably try to take him up on the offer. Not only that, but she would never stop reminding her friends about that one time that Ryan Gosling told her that he would fuck her. It might get watered down and skewed, but finding herself in an unfulfilling relationship, she might even throw this fact in her boyfriendâs face- âYou know I could be with Ryan Gosling instead of you." 

Hell, Iâd take it as a compliment and never let the story go if Ryan Gosling yelled at me that he would fuck me. I might even take him up on it, in the hopes that he would take me to Disneyland after.

The main point is, if you go out in public dressed up to be sexy, to attract someone, you canât get mad when you attract people you arenât interested in. 

Bears like honey, but so do flies and ants, so donât âbeeâ angry when more than just bears want some of yours. 

*If you are not into Ryan Gosling, replace his name with some superstar musician, athlete, or actor that you are into. It can even just be some guy in your English class that you are really into. 

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