Idiots with explosives on Ebaums.

There are a lot of people on E-baums and You Tube and other sites that want to show off by making bombs and other things like that. Why?

These people are idiots. Granted, it is quite easy to make a bomb out of common house hold products. Anyone with a Third grade education can figure it out.

I know how to do it, not just from my military training, but just from talking to other people who have done it, reading the Anarchist Cookbook and seeing it on the internet, etc.

If you know how to do it, then fine, I suggest you keep it to yourself! You don’t need to show off to everyone on the internet.

Anyone can go out to their garage and mix a few chemicals together and make them explode. I am not going to tell anyone what two chemicals you have to mix to make a bomb, but there are a lot of them that will work.

If someone is dumb enough to make a bomb at home, let me warn you, not only is it illegal to do this, but I know some people that have gotten injured doing it!

In the State of Michigan, it is a mandatory Two (2) year prison term, just for possession of a bomb! That is if you don’t use it! If you blow something up, you will just get more time in prison! Then you are dealing with the Feds and not the regular police!

I had a friend in college who thought it would be fun to make a homemade bomb when he was in high school. Before he even finished making the device, it blew up in his face!!! He is now blind in one eye, because of that!

I dated a girl in college who made a bomb when she was 17. It was a chemical bomb. When she finished mixing the chemicals, she inhaled the fumes and wound up in the hospital. She never got to set the bomb off. She was lucky that she was only 17 at the time, if she were a year older; she would have gone to jail.

I have seen videos of people making and setting off bombs on the internet. I have even seen a bunch of bombs go off up close out in Iraq. It is cool and exciting, but the people on the net are just idiots and don’t even know what they are doing. In a couple of videos on here, people even get hurt when their bomb goes off in their hand or close to them! Then their friends laugh at them. Everyone should learn from these dumb asses mistakes!

These days, when people are so worried about terrorism, why do people think it is a good idea to put video on the internet showing how to make a bomb?

One other thing, there are a lot of FBI and ATF agents looking at this site to find out who is doing stupid shit. All they have to do is get a warrant and contact E-Baums or You Tube and say, “I need this guys ISP.  When they get that, they will have all of that person’s information. Their home address and phone number and they can find the person who posted the video. More than likely, that person was involved in some way with the making and use of the bomb.

Don’t even think of using a computer at the library either. For the same reason that you should not look at porn sites at the library, you are being watched by anyone who walks by and looks over your shoulder and by the library staff. They have your information to. Especially if you live in a small town and everyone knows each other.

Uploaded 09/25/2008
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