I'm amazed at some people's stupidity. Especially here on Ebaumsworld. There's a bunch of users that give you the impression of someone who would have trouble grasping the concept of left and right. Yesterday we had a debate about a clip featured here in the comment chat. To give you a better idea of the argument, here's the clip in question:

What's scary is that the woman drove for 35 (yes, THIRTY FIVE) minutes and couldn't figure out how to stop the car, which, apparently, had the acceleration pedal stuck.

Of course, what I and probably every other person with a working brain would do, is turn off the ignition, hold the clutch down and move the wheel steady, then pull the hand break. It would take a few seconds to slow down to a halt.

There was many people in the comments that kept saying stupid theories about how the engine needs to be on for the steering wheel to work (!) or that the hand break works only at the parking lot when the car isn't mobile. If that's the average American driver's knowledge about how a car works, no wonder the woman in the video needed 35 minutes to figure out how to stop it. It turned out she had to press both the acceleration pedal and the brake at once, or some shit. The engine was running the whole 35 minutes when the lady in the car and her helper tried to figure out how to stop the car. Apparently neither of them thought about simply turning it off.

Uploaded 08/30/2012
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