If I had stayed in school.

I wouldn't be much fun, nor would I have many of the great memories I have of awesome shit I did while truant (see, who needs school, I still know words).   But if I did stay in school, showed up everyday, and actually applied myself, and tried to achieve my full potential, I would have followed a career in Website Design and other computery things.   After dabbling in it, and my education, for few years, I grew bored.  Sitting at a computer for hours, focusing on little details that nobody will ever notice, unless of course I didn't pay attention to them, was very unrewarding.   So, I switched gears to something more tangible. Now I do feel a sense of pride, and reward, knowing that I am one of very few women who do what I do.  My uncle even calls me 100lbs of Steel as a nickname.    I finally feel as though I'm doing what I'm supposed to do.   I didn't have any regrets, until I learned of Anonymous. 

Anonymous - the "hacktivist" group responsible for the Robin Hood like "attacks" made on big corporations  governments, and wrong-doers big and small.  I'm sure it doesn't pay, but damn do I ever want to be one of those smart fuckers.  To have such digital freedom, and power, would be amazing!   To cause such a ruckus from the comfort of my home would not only also be awesome, but it would cut down on my bitchy rant blogs quite a bit.  I didn't stay in school, and my obsession with technology was short lived, so becoming a hacker of any skill level is a little out of reach for me, but if I had stayed in school, and became knowledgeable enough, I know exactly what I'd do.

First I'd buy a mask.  Although I like the movie V for Vendetta, facial hair is not my style, and I would probably go for something a little more flattering.   Honestly, I'd probably put too much thought into the mask, so much as to lose all meaning, and take away from the seriousness of my agenda.   Something like a hello-kitty job from the dollar store.  Knowing me, I'd also probably draw some facial hair on it anyway, completely forgetting why I wanted my own mask to begin with.   Now hopefully no authentic member of this group steals my idea, or I'll have the cops breaking down my door, and I'll be arrested for marijuana possession if nothing else.   Whoever you are - don't steal my ideas.  

Armed with my defaced hello-kitty mask, and my laptop, I would then begin my agenda.

To do:
- Hack google and wikipedia simultaneously.  I have nothing against either as companies, in fact I praise wikipedia's not-for-profit approach to free information.   I do however want to remind people of their dependency on technology for information.  I wouldn't take the sites down completely.  I would only block all searches except those for local libraries.  I want to remind people of how we used to "look it up" and make people think about how the now common phrase, "Google it" has replaced that.  

- Fuck with China.  I've had enough of their traditional medicine bullshit.  Seriously, if someone told those fuckers that Skunk Taint Tea was good for you, they would wipe the species off the face of the earth, and there would be massive dump sites filled with skunk bodies all missing their assholes.   So, I would take advantage of their propaganda filled communism, by exposing them to my own propaganda.  I would disguise my bulletins to look like those pamphlets they gave out to citizens before the Olympics.  Instead of telling them how to clothe themselves around tourists, I would demand a stop to the use of animal parts for medicine.   Thinking this is coming from the government, they would not question it, in fear of their lives. 

- Commit credit fraud.  This route is an obvious one for most hackers, except I would target the rich opposed to what they usually do; take a little from a lot.   Taking a lot from a little is easier, and noticeable.After those rich cock suckers accountant's figure out what happened, I'll put on my mask and make a video.  "If you want your money back, call this number....".   After they call, I'll keep them on hold for about an hour, only then would an automated voice come on.   "By calling this number you are agreeing to our terms of service.  Some fees may apply, and are subject to change without notice.  Thank you for calling, have a wonderful evening."    I would then take whatever phone number they called with and sell it to all of the tele-marketing agencies I can think of.

- Permanently replace all of TLC's programming schedule with nature shows, in an attempt to get those Honey-Boo-Boo watching skids off their stupid asses and outside.  Once outside, natural selection will take over, and the obesity pandemic will come to a bitter sweet conclusion. 

- Take over Ebaums for a day - just to show you fags what a real troll looks like.  (Hello-kitty)  

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