If I Wanted to get Married I'd buy a Ball Chain

This blog is in response to MrPotHeadJeans' brilliant idea to post a pic of his wife on ebaums. What I did to provoke him frantically copy/pastaing the link? I made a minor insult about MrSquirtleJeans' obvious Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (which you can see in the eBaumsworld User Vid), so in his extremely intelligent mind he decides to show me a pic of his moustached asian wife. WTF??? It's like he was waiting for an opportunity for somebody to call him a loser so he could post this in response, but I never even mentioned his immature baby dick until he posted this shit. What a sad world we live in when ppl are such losers they patiently hover their finger over the paste button to show these greasy eFags their wife, sad sad SAD times indeed... (Sorry but this is all true you bitch) MrPotHeadJeans is an obvious loser in which we should all be weary of. Anyways, this immature individual seemed to back down as soon as i mentioned his blatant loser attitude:

Worst place to post ur wifes pic: Ebaums world! Place where your most likely to get dissed:Anywhere on the web! Worst Idea Ever: C'mon, need I proceed? Mr.PotHeads, whose the unlucky girl? I'd pork that asshole for 6 hours or at least until it puckered like a little brownish red cauliflower. Man, why the fuck would u post a pic of ur wife on here??? Your marriage is headed for a crash landing, and ur the fucking pilot. I can't stand all of these immature stupid faggots whobelieve in this institutionalized feeling theycall "love" and marry the first hot bitch who even gives them a second glance.Wheres ur prenup??? "whats a prenup?hyuck! im a dumb hick!" Well you see, a prenup is what u make ur wife sign before she breaks up with u and takes all of ur shit.BUDDY, wake the fuck up! Your gonna get bit in the fucking ass, and you know what? You deserve every chunk that is going to be missing when ur left with a black and white TV and Mac and cheese for supper every night. I mean JesusTap Dancing Christ, I feel sorry for u stupid sons of bitches who continue to act this way, HAVE SOME FUCKING SELF CONTROL U STUPID FUCK!

Yes that is some of it, here is some more burning and berating of this life noob on the e forums:

ME: Mr.PotHead, you young dumb shit dick... justyou fucking wait. You have one leg to standon, ur semi-hot wife (whose ass i'd pork andmake her butthole pucker like a bloodycauliflower) and you bust it out within thefirst 5 mins of interacting with you, now iknow u dont have shit... hate to break it to ubro, but unless u have a footlong dick, whichi doubt u have, and are a HELL of a man, whichmost of us aren't, ur up shits creek, all theluck to you cuz you fucking need it... andjust remember shit balls, i'll be there not tosay i told u so but to help ur ass up. 


See, I'm such a great dude. I'll help u up, but laugh as ur stupid ass falls down cuz I already fucking told you once and have done all i can to help you, fucking noobs think i'm the enemy but i'm ur best friend, FAGGOTS. More proof of how awesome I am:


BigBadBaldie (Aug 27, 2010 12:31am)          -4 haha you were stupid enough to get married (toa bitch with a moustache at that)? Wow I betyou didn't even sign a prenup. Have fun withone vagina for the rest of your life, until itleaves u hig h and dry with no money and urkids torn away from you. I'll stick to mynormal routine, fucking random bar sluts withcondoms, all glory no consenquence... andseriously, why the fuck did u have to show mea pic of ur wife, thats some queer immatureshit. She'll dump ur nerdy ass in no time justyou wait, and when she does i'll be here as ashoulder to cry on to say i told you so. N mrpotheadjeans (Aug 27, 2010 12:31am)        -3 you hit it on the spot Bottom line, BigBadBaldie/IrishPrick is good for you. I am not evil, just a nonharmful, if not fulfilling verbal example of the world we live in. You stupid kids better learn to heed my knowledge before you end up a pathetic piece of shit like the example bestowed before you.

 WORD OF ADVISE TO ALL YOU YOUNG MEN OUT THERE. Wrap up your dongs now matter how drunk, horny and "passionate" you are, and NEVER, I mean NEVER marry a bitch without a prenup. If you decide to do that, you might as well just give all of your shit to me, same fucking thing. That is all, night night cruel world. *plugs in night light for all of you pussies, cuz I know a lot of you are afraid of the dark*

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