If Jay Leno was to Requests Tickets to The Tonight Show with Con

I went to the website of The Tonight Show with Conan OBrien to try and get tickets; knowing that I would never get any tickets before Conan goes off the air, here is how I filled out the request form.

The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien Ticket Request Form

Name: Jay Leno

Address: 1151 Tower Rd. Beverly Hills, Ca. 90210


Ticket Amount: 1 single seat in the very back

Dates: 1/20,1/21 or 1/22/2010

Message to Conan and the Tonight Show Staff:


Hi, Its me Jay. I seem to keep getting canned and I know Im kinda, sorta dicking you over this time, but do you think I can sit in on one of your shows so I can learn how to be funny again?

I hope this request finds you well and that there are no hard feelings that I am loved by old white women of middle class America and you are loved by all those young trendsetting youngsters; damn hoodlums!

But seriously Conan, I have become the crazy cat lady and all the neighbor kids now run past my house as I sit crying naked in my garage full of cars. Please help me get my funny back.


PS: You looking to sell that green eyed beauty of yours, the 92 Green Ford Taurus? Ill give her a good home in my collection. Ill only wash her with the tears of your fans.

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