If Kaustic is running for President than so am I.

Although I agree with the majority of Kostic' ideas in how to turn the country around I have a few of my own that I think history has proven will work and get this country back on track.

My first order of business will be to give every single elected official a copy of the United States Constitution/Bill of rights and make them read it front to back. They will be tested on the contents and if they show little or poor understanding of said document they will be scrutinized publically and lose all support of my administration. After we show their voters how little they understand and follow this document I'm sure they will do the right thing and get rid of them.

Secondly I will pull all troops from both warzones. For future reference I will fight wars like they were meant to be fought. Get in, neutralize the threat, and get out. If they pose a threat down the road we will come in and neutralize the threat again. No longer will we waste our resources and brave soldiers time and lives in a foreighn countries such as Afghanistan.


My next order of business would be to open up offshore drilling and build as many neuclear power plants as needed to give our country a safe and effecient source of energy. I will not phase out fossil fuels I will leave that up the citizens to decide what means of transportation best suites them and let Capitalism weed out the inneficient. No longer will we rely on other countrys when we have the means to provide for ourselves in our own land.

For the economy their will be no more bail outs or stimulus money spent. If your company makes smart choices and thrives so be it but if it does not than your competitor will step in and take your place. We will once again create an evironment that large manufacturing companys and corporations  can thrive in and stop sending our jobs over seas. I will not sit back and watch our government create legislation that costs us jobs and gives them to other countries. The government will not spend more than it takes in except for in times of war. We will leave business alone and let Capitalism work in all it's glory. If you have a desire to become educated and obtain a well paying job than more power to you but if you don't have the desire to work for what you get than you won't be getting anything.  Obviously disabled and special circumstances will still be helped but no more free lunches for the able bodied people that are taking advantage of our current system.

I will do everything in my power to create border security whether it be a fence or some other means. We can not and will not allow illegal immigrants into this country. It hurts our economy, our security and our overall well being.

Our citizens will once again feel respected and many of the "superficial" laws will be done away with. Personall responsibility will be the name of the game and the government will let you make your own decisions whether they be good ones or bad. The power is in your hands and what you do with it is strictly up to you.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or comments please post them and I will address them.  

Uploaded 01/28/2010
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