If you don't care, don't read..

So this is just continuing off my last blog. i told him how i felt about his gf and heres how the convo went..

Him: hey am i gonna see you monday?

Me: yea we have class together remember? lol

Him: lol i know i ment did you wanna hang out on break

(we have pretty much the same schedule and by break he means the 3 hours between our math and english class)

Me: oh yea of course! but i was thinking and i dont think its a good idea if we have sex..

Him: sure thats ok  why  jw

Me: because you have a gf and i feel guilty..

Him: ohh ok  is that the only reason?

Me: pretty me i want to..i just dont wanna be that girl, you know?

Him: got ya  damn that sucks cause im just waiting to break up with her i dont see her or hang out with her anyway

(shes in highschool)

Me: yea i understand that..i just feel weird lol we can wait till after you do then..

Him: hmm that might be sooner than you htink then..

Me: lol well dont break up with her because of this

Him: its not its something ive wanted to do for a while

Me: lol alright

Him:i mean its still cool if you dont want to

Me: dont want to what?

Him: have sex

Me:no i do..just not while you have a gf

Him: lol oh ok :)


what do you think?

Uploaded 09/27/2008
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