ignorance is angering me

First off, that video that got featured, the one about the beautiful girl that won that prom queen or whatever it was, that pisses me off royally. People cant seem to realize that just because a white girl wins in a predominately black school is not racist. And the news caster doesnt even try to solve anything. Why is it so fucking hard to understand, that she won because shes beautiful?

The poor girl then wrote to the president to try to fix this problem. It seems shes the only one who understands diversity. And now shell have to live with all this hate on her, because of the other girls jealousy. It makes me sick.

Shes probably the most courageous girl Ive ever seen. And the fact that she tried to solve the problem furthers that shes a good person. I find it also funny that the few guys they interviewed thought the whole thing was stupid. The only people that were angry were the girls who lost to her. I feel really bad for her, I just wish people could be more kind hearted. I guess you can't fix ignorance.

Uploaded 11/28/2009
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