this is a little background to human life on earth. i will keep it simple for obvious reasons.

common belief among anthropologist is that all humans that exist today originated from the same small area of africa. so i guess we all can say we come from africa, our DNA is very close to one another. over time these people spread out across the world and become accustomed to their different climates. natural selection meant that humans in different climates took on different characteristics to best survive in their environments and conditions, which is basically what natural selection is. lighter skin in colder climates, darker in warmer ones, yep we all started with dark skin. arians talking about pure blood etc, your talking about the wrong blood.

years ago the planet's land mass was close enough together so that people could simply walk across from one continent to another. over time the land mass separated leaving humans cut off from one another. these people created unique cultures and physical characteristics.

years later humans started to create means of getting to each others continents. because of the differences in culture and appearances when they met each other they were scared and mistrusted each other because they didn't know who the hell each other was. eventually they learnt that difference is a good thing, that uniqueness makes us who we are, that a combination of cultures broadens the mind and creates new ideas. want to go out on a saturday night and have the same thing every weekend or would you rather have the choice of chinese, mexican, italian, indian etc?

thousands of years ago people learnt not to fear other cultures because they learnt to understand them. it was understandable for them to be mistrusting as they were totally alien to each other, but today we have no right to be ignorant of other cultures because we have all the knowledge available to us about other cultures and our roots. often religion seems to compound the problem by not accepting darwin's theory of evolution. anyway, steering away from religion... dont be scared of other cultures, go talk to them, go find out about their unique culture, go give them a hug (obviously not black people as they smell) sorry, sorry, bad joke. but i hope you get my point. all persons of any culture can be douchebags, but dont judge cultures by their stereotype, its lazy and ignorant.

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