I'll break it down for you.

"I love frogs. I have spent lots of time around
them. You know what makes me sick? Women who
don't have enough respect for themselves. Why
do you feel the need to scream out "I
NEED COCK!"? Really? Find some decency.
It seems like you're just searching for men to
say "I'd bone you". It's not a
compliment. You will only seem like a whore."

This is what I said on your blog and why you decided to be a bitch and attack my other posts. First of all, you don't have to scream out that you're "craving cock" because it's indecent and it makes you look like a slut. Maybe you are wanting sex but seriously, "craving cock"? No wonder why your finace left you. The way your blog came off, it seriously appeared like you wanted men to say "no, I would bone you", "sure, I love pregnany chicks", or "yeah, you're hot". You know what that makes you? An attention whore but you know, they aren't saying it as a compliment, they are saying it because you appear like an easy fuck. You'll open your legs for anyone who pays you a compliment.

Anyway, before this I only said you SEEM like a whore. You haven't proven any different. Your man is staying with you but doesn't want to have sex with you. That's because he wants to MAKE LOVE not that meaningless sex which seems like exactly what you want. Seems like a good man and THAT'S the reason why I think you're a whore. You have a good man who is angry at you and spares the relationship any bad emotions. So what do you do? You get online, type out your blog and at the end ask if anyone would bone a pregnant chick. WTF?

There. I explain it so any retard could understand. Even you.



Uploaded 07/30/2008
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