ill eat road kill if you cook it

I just finished watching a documentary (which you can see at the end) on a man who lives in England that enjoys eating flattened animals. I don't think he's very straight forward with it, as I'm not with some of my personal beliefs, but he seems to think that it's more logical to eat road kill. I was so amazed that this man dedicates his life only eating things he grew and things he found. I love the simple life, one that doesn't take anything away from the earth. I don't think I'm a environmentalist per say, but one that likes a stand offish kind of life where I do just enough to survive and that's enough for me.

I always feel bad for wild animals because nothing is more disrespected. They can't go to see their damn families across the street without worrying about getting hit by a car. Well if someone can make their body worth something by eating it, then good on them. I don't care much for money, or power, or responsibility. I would be happy if I could own a acre or two of land paid for and grow everything I needed.

But also I love experiencing culture. Once while in Korea I eat a silk worm, which looks like a cock roach, because everyone seemed to be enjoying them. I'll eat anything once (if edible) just to try it out. I have a lot of respect for the man, just because he's so self sustained, that he is living that stress free life I wish I could have one day. I've experienced the married life, can't say it's my cup of tea. I'm a hermit at heart. I don't like people, I don't mind living on my own in the middle of a forest.

Now I'll shut my cake holes The video, as I promised. Also, letemdangle, stick around buddy, we need all the bloggers we can get. Make an alt or some shit man.

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