I'm a cheater!!!

I'm not gonna lie to you guys, and I want your honest opinions on this.  Today at school, I asked a friend of mine for an English assignment that I didn't do.  I took it and copied it (not word for word, obviously).  I'm a Straight A student and I've never gotten detention or anything like that.  I think I'm a pretty good copier too.  So my teacher comes up to me and my friend and says, "Who copied who?"  Man, I swear i shat a brick, my asshole was contracting like it was going into labor.  My friend is a really great guy, and he didn't say anything until he knew the teacher wasn't gonna give up.  I didn't deny it or anything, so I guess I made a 0 on that assignment.  I don't really care about that, I can bring my grade up easily.  What I do care about is my reputation with that teacher.  Do you guys think she's gonna hate me?  Is she going to grade me harder, or double check my papers to make sure I didn't cheat?  Is she going to treat me as a criminal for the rest of the school year?  I bet I'll have her next year for AP English, do you think she'll still remember by then?  I just want her to like me, and know that the only reason I did that was because I wanted a good grade in that class.  What do you guys think about all this?  Will she forgive me, or will she eventually forget?

Uploaded 11/05/2008
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