I'm A Free Mason

I was listening to Alex Jones the other day and, well, he is a complete dumb fuck. He tries to explain to people what the Mason's are. Since he isn't one and most people aren't he gets the oppritunity to spread lies and complete nonsense to the ignorant viewers.


I'm not going to go in depth about what the mason's are. But we're not a 'private' orginzation. Anyone can join.


1) We don't plan on taking over the world. The illumanti was disbanded from the Mason's in late 1700's.


2) We don't worship the devil. Because you can't join if you believe in the devil to be God. (Mostly we only accept people who believe in the Abrahamic faith. Which are Christians, Muslims, and Jew's)


3) Our symbols don't create any plan to take over the world. I won't tell you what they mean.


4) We don't own the government, only countries with masons in them are the EU, Libya (Giddafi), and the United States. Most other countries don't allow the group.


It's just a group that has it's own social class and on how we should live with our own language that's in something like hieroglyphics. It's not a religion, not a secret society to create a coupe against any government. It's a brotherhood and a way of life.


- FuckyouIran

Uploaded 07/06/2011
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