I'm a Troll!

Well, tickle me silly. I have been selected as an official eBaum's troll by the eBaum Committee, that dabble in such matters. I was somewhat disappointed that I was picked last and there was some disagreement as to my appointment in the comment section. Well, haterz gonna hate!

LOL, I'm even writing like a troll. I felt even more honored considering who the committee is composed of. They consist of  some heavy hitters and a very special member NO_U. If you know anything about NO_U, you will know, that he wrote the book on Trollism. He has since retired so that he could take his place at the table.

My trolling techniques will need refinement and of course my subject matter will need to change to be more  repetitive, mundane and above all things, fucking annoying. This challenge does not come without the help and mentorism   of  past greats who have sullied the pages of eBaums world.

For works on proper troll blogs I will continue the tradition of the trolls before me. Intelligent topics such as creme de menthe  on ice cream or how to dress a boy to look like a girl, will be examined to the nth degree. Of course, spam repeating some irrelevant statement over and over again will be the treat of the week.

Troll power does not end there. I will titillate fellow eBaumers with faggotryism. That is where you over use the word faggot to insult anyone with a brain. Private messaging will then be employed for the coup de grace.

This well deserved post is not only about annoying and insulting others. No. There is the requirement to disingenuously make friends or allies, so that you can pretend to have friends that truly like you for who you really are, even though no one actually knows you. This is a dream job for the narcissistic personality who has no accomplishments or relevant training of any sort.

Well, that's it folks. I gotta brush up on my irritating musical embeds.

See you in the blogs!


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