I'm All Alone with My Family

Family of eight, traveling in a beat up 58

With a trunk we lovingly called Jonah's whale.

Eight in the car, I was all alone.

My mother and father sitting up front with golden hair between them,

Oh how proud they were, little angel Gabriel.

The space so wide between the front and the back seats.

I could pace twice, jump the hump and pace twice again.

Turn around, still ignored, older sisters totally bored.

My younger brother, the last after me, born from my sister studied me.

"A steep hill up ahead, hold Johnny", as my sisters puckered their lips, into small round mirrors.

Still ignored, I fell to the floor,

Cut my forehead, sat on the hump, braced myself,

Still no one there, I was still alone.

The car came to a halt, everyone around me was in awe.

The doors opened and I could smell the lake.

The lake was Lake Superior, the biggest lake in all the world.

I crawled out of the car, looked across the lake, and lake and sky is all I saw.

The water was shallow 5 miles out, small round stones spread like a carpet.

I took my younger brothers hand, born of my sister and ventured out.

I was five he was four.

We walked out for an hour, the lake water up to our chest.

The small round stones now distorted through the water.

We heard no voices calling us back.

We felt no concern for where we have gone.

My little brother Raymond, said he was hungry.

I turned around, holding his hand, as the waves now splashed our backs.

When we returned, a fire was burning, my family having a weeny roast.

I found two sticks for me and Raymond, we skewed our dogs and settled in.

Golden Hair said, " hey isn't it Johnny's birthday"?

"oh yes it is", happy birthday Johnny!


This is not a sad story, I enjoyed my amazing walk into Lake Superior holding my little brothers hand, and the weeny roast was awesome. It's how you look at it that counts!

Uploaded 07/30/2010
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