Im back again

Hey, everyone. I wrote a blog about 2 hours ago about me going on vacation tomorrow. Now its the basic stuff. Im new to these blogs, but have been an eBaumsWorld fan since weve had those old default pictures. All the uploads used to be funny as hell but now its every once in a while theres something funny. Ive noticed theres a lot of videos and like no gallerys or pictures. I love looking at the DeMotivational pictures, they make me laugh=]. Also, a lot of people like ITSMEJC, and TriggerGun have taken over this website.  On every video i want to see what people thought about the video but its all retarded people fighting on replies of JC's comments. It does get annoying. If you could report people, i would. and if someone says like"This video sucks" some always HAS to reply "your mom sucks". Cant anyone just be complimentary or give their opinons also? I mean come on, This is getting a little out of hand. I know most of you dont give a shit about what im saying, im a nobody, but im just pointing this out. Goodnight everyone.

Uploaded 08/22/2008
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