I'm Back - Bigger And Badder Than Ever Before

Good day! It's been a while!


So I've managed to stumble my way back into the catacombs of ebaumsworld to see what's what. A lot has changed during my somewhat lenghty forray into time wasting.


First off, what the piss are eBones? I've managed to achieve one while viewing that new F.U.C.K. weekly picture upload thing (just minus the "S"). Still, I haven't a clue. Also, my profile is calling me a hobo for some reason. Very odd.


Sadly, there is very little to say after being gone for about eight months from here. I've worked an incredible amount, watched a pile films and managed a night out here and there. Otherwise, I'm more or less in the same spot as before - bored but content.


I'm glad to see a number of the old bloggers are still kicking around, and a few ship-jumpers have found ther way back as well. I'm not too familiar with the new ones, but so far I like what I see.


....also White_Chocolate is still about.


So let's all gather 'round and give me a giant welcome back parade! You're king has returned, fair masses....or at the very least a high number card....and looks forward to reading more.



Fuck Stamos.




Uploaded 11/12/2010
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