Ok. So here is the deal. I've been gone awhile, and most of you have probably had a party. (Which I wasn't invited to. That's pretty rude.) But, anywho, I have sincerely missed you all. I have been busy though. I now have a job and my own place. Needless to say your little troll poster is finally growing up. What shall I blog about now? Politics? Rape? Home Insurance? There are so many possibilities. God forbid I post something immature and boring that no one responds to. (Sarcasm by the way)

Politics- Who honestly gives two shits anyway. It's not like "we", american citizens, have anything to do about it. The government just lets us believe we have some power to shut us up. Even we aren't becoming that stupid anymore. I say fuck the government and let them fuck up, so when they do, we can tear them to shreds.

Texting- Either it's a good thing or a bad thing. If you think it's bad, so what. If you think it's good, again, so what. If you think it's healthy do it. Some also think it's bad for your fingers for arthritis and shit. Blah blah blah. If your gonna take the risk, Congradu-fuckin-lations. It's your life, just, whatever, do what you please. Don't bitch about it though; no one cares.

Army to Court Martial Officer Who Doubts Obama Was Born in U.S.- Now this is a guy who makes sence. I would also refuse to take orders from someone who I thought to believe was NOT born in the country that they are "running". I'm sorry but no American Citizen, born of the USA, has the middle name Hussain. Unless you want shot.


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