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It has been to long since i have been to this shit hole they call the Blog section. What is a blog anyways? idk but i see it as just a thing for you to write down shit no one cares about or to try and make yourself come off as smart, talking about weird shit that seems to be something a smart person would talk about but in fact is just a pointless and stupid as me talking about the last shit i took which was pretty good.......anyways hows things been around here? I miss getting verbally assulted by Rednote, or having letemdangle confuse the fuck out of me, i miss you too NO_U.  and im late but Happy new years everyone i hope its good for yall. my new years resolution is to stop smoking cigs and cut back on drinking. idk if i can do either one of those but its worth trying. well i dont really have much else to say so i will get out of here for now, just wanted everyone to know that i am still alive and still using ebaums all though no one knows who the hell i am.  
Uploaded 01/09/2011
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