I'm Drunk Again

It's Friday night, I'm drunk again, so I figured it was time to attempt my second blog on this site.

If anyone remembers my blog from last Friday, I talked about corn hole boards and how I had built 5 sets of them for my dumbass neighbor.  Well, this week I spent a good many hours building the 6th set for my dumbass neighbor.  They are cut out, knocked together, with 2 coats of Minwax on them so far.  I had hoped to post a pic of them tonight, but dumbass neighbor went and bought decals to stick on them, but they're not on there yet.  He wanted to get some Minwax on them first, and it's not dry yet.  He bought a WVU sticker for 1 and a Maryland Terrapin sticker for the other.

Tomorrow, I'm going after them with steel wool, and the palm sander.  Hopefully, then I can put the stickers on them. 

Actually, I hate the game corn hole, I've played it like 2 times in my life, and sucked both times.  I'm an amateur woodworker and like messing with wood, that's why I build them.

At some point I hope to post pics of the cornhole boards, maybe next Friday I'll get drunk again and have a picture.

Thanx for your time,
Uploaded 07/08/2011
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