I'm going to be a dad!!!!

Im trying to be mature as possible.


My girlfriend has been sick all day today. And she has been very quiet as well, I thought she just wanted silence.


I went into our bedroom and she just walked out of the bathroom crying.


I asked her what the problem was and she was smiling.


It turned out that she had been testing herself all day today to see if she was pregnant. We have been talking about kids for a while now. Even if we are in colege. But its okay. She will graduate next year. i have a couple more years to go.


So testing herself, she tested 3 times. The first time read positive and she was freaking out. She was making herself sick all day. She has a very bad headache. She tested a second time. She just now tested a third time and just now told me the good news.


I am very excited. Most people think I'm not father material, but this is the internet and I'm diferent in the real world.


I sent my girl off to bed because she does need her sleep...




Uploaded 08/31/2008
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