Im gonna drink too much...

So I have decided, this week, I will drink more than usual, ingest anything that isn't meth or heroin, and be a total fucktard.  Gonna fuck bitches after Danzig, than trip ballz for Sabbath.  Pissed myself last time I tripped, it had been years, couldn't find my way outta tiny room (thats right, lost, lost, empty, lost).  Molly will be my companion this weekend, with a night of work to break the short lived cycle.  While some of you pretend to have something going on, I will be...  Fucked up, eatin puzzy, seeing ozzy hold himself up with his mic, and danzig will proceed to be old, guido as fuck (his real name is Alfanzo...  fucking wop lol) and fucking epic.  So here it is, my confession.  Some of you really suck, really, at least when I am not working, I am doing something.  But blogs are pointless so I will continue to confuse, insult and entertain.  Any and all feedback is welcome.  Call me names, praise my ignorance, accept that I type through happy time harry.  I am here, cause I am bored, and drunk, and tired, and ready to rock the fuck out.  So, u like gaga? U like wayne?  Maybe a lil biebler?  lololol   I like slayer, and HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY DIME!!!!   We all miss you fucker.  It has been raining blood, and its the psyco holiday, but I am so far from home, let the chemical warfare begin and release the bitches.  There is a time a place for everything, and now is the time to just fucking rage.  So, have fun here...   For those of you that spend all your time here, and there, and anywhere at home, on the comp, and away from danzig, slayer, red fang, lamb of god, oooooh shit...    THIS IS YOUR MOTHERFUCKING INVITATION!!!!
Uploaded 08/20/2013
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