I'm good at sex.

Since you haven't met me yet, you're going to have to use your imagination a little. I know a lot of genetically challenged and sex starved people use these free postings. But, that isn't me. I look a combination between Daniel Craig from the newest James Bond movies and Brad Pitt in Ocean's Eleven. Can you picture that? Good!

Now, the reason I'm here is because I have a dilemma. You see, I'm really good at having sex. I mean, I'm REALLY, REALLY good at having sex. And, I'm currently unattached. Let me say right now that I would PREFER to be in a relationship, but I haven't met that special person yet. So, this is a viable alternative for the time being.

I imagine you are skeptical about my claim. So, let me point out there are a few things that separate me from other guys, and you can judge for yourself how good I might be in bed.

First, I enjoy touching a woman's body -- exploring it -- finding the places that really turn her on. John Mayer really got it right when he sang "your body is a wonderland". That is how I treat every woman I'm with.

Second, I'm very good at making a woman feel sexy. Exploring all of a woman's body (and not just what guys consider her fun parts), helps a woman feel sexy, I think. Also, I encourage women to dress sexy and embrace their feminine side.

Third, I'm what you would consider an 'alpha male'. I think that has a lot to do with how I look -- but even more so with how I act. Physically, I'm tall, muscular, and handsome. My friends, colleagues, and other people in my life value me and the things I say. Also, the time has long since past when I've been intimidated by a girl -- no matter how attractive she is. You get the picture - within the first minute of meeting me, it should be clearly obvious you are talking to the real deal.

Fourth, I do not care as much about my own pleasure. I believe sex is primarily about the woman. Here is an excerpt from a Dan Brown novel that resonates with me and my thoughts on sex: "Gentlemen, might I offer a suggestion for all of you. Without being so bold as to condone premarital sex, and without being so naive as to think you are all chaste angels, I will give you this bit of advice about your sex lives. The next time you find yourself with a woman, look in your heart and see if you cannot approach sex as a mystical, spiritual act. Challenge yourself to find that spark of divinity that man can only achieve through union with the sacred feminine." Enough said.

Fifth, I know how to kiss. I know -- everyone says they are a good kisser. But, I have references :) I get compliments all the time on how good of a kisser I am.

By now it should be obvious I'm not making this posting because I'm desperate. I've already had more sex than most people have in a lifetime. I believe it was LL Cool J who said -- conventional methods of making love kinda bore me. That explains my sex life too; I have way too many notches on my bedpost to care about some random hookup.

I'm making this posting as a service to YOU. If you are attractive and are missing some amazing chemistry in the bedroom, then I might be able to help you out. Non smoking and no drug using is a must. And, you should have good hygiene too. I should add I do not have any STDs and do not plan on getting any. Other than that, I'm pretty open minded to most other things...

So, if you have made it through this posting and you are intrigued and even more turned on that when you started reading, feel free to write to me and tell me something about yourself.
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