I'm Grounded!

Today I got in trouble again for throwing my cat in the oven! This is the fourth time it happend so I guess I was asking for it. Only today was different instead of the usual "Ha ha cat your ass is going in the oven," I decided to turn the oven on for 300*. It was fucking epic the cat at first was clueless as to what was going on. Than he started to whimper as the heat got more severe finally he let out a scream of death and howled like a little bitch! After that it was all a blure to me I remember hearing a loud pop and seeing the oven covered in red smears. I turned the oven off and checked to see if the cat was still alive. Amazeing as it was the fucking cat was still alive barley that is! I decided to put the fucker out of it's misery and got a baseball bat from my room. I whacked the cat in the head twice and it's skull smashed wide open. Fucking blood and guts everywhere I cleaned the mess up the best I could and dumped the cat's body into the dumpster. An hour later my Mother came home and saw my report card. I had gotten an F on my English report she got pissed and grounded my ass. My Nintendo Wii has been taken away from me for two weeks I'm gonna die of boredom!

Uploaded 05/16/2008
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