I'm just so tired...

Besides having the entire day off, which felt great, and sleeping half of the day I'm still tired. I guess know I have togo talk to the boss tommorow about that bitch I had to deal with yesterday is keeping me up... (already wrote a blog about that cock sucker).


So yea, I went to Wal-Mart, I think we all go there pretty common, I mean, it's the one stop shop, sometimes, lol...


So me and the girlfriend walk in and right away some old person fell down and the firemen and police all surrounding them blocking the fucking walk way, I mean jesus they busted their ass, get over it, we all do, we just don't make it such a big deal. Ok, so we are walking and is it just me or are there always a group of fugly ass teens standing in the middle of the aisle... typical bullshit at Wal-Mart, I always forget it's the hangout for the losers.


So we went to go grab some halloween candy and a dish to serve it and hey what do you know, they have fucking 750 different choices of candy, I don't eat the shit, how am I suppose to know what kids eat these days, fucking Wille Wonka himself is selling shit that don't even make sense, fucking sweet and sour chicken candy... who knows..


I wanted to leave by this point by the girlfriend wants to go look at some makeup, of course I would perfer to shot myself in the foot, so I walked around to browse and see what they got, I made it to the automotive section, and hey, I am now being followed, holy shit, I must look like a thief, or they have nothing better to do, oh yea, they don't.


Thank God she is done, time to leave, hey a line with no one in it, I must have hit the lottery, alright, we run like rabbits to it, but wait. We have to wait for the cashier to finish the conversation with her co-worker, once again, welcome to Wal-Mart.


Fuck me, after a good minute or two she's done, looks at me pissy, I guess cause I ended her conversation or who knows why... So I check out like 30 bucks worth of shit, swipe the card and hey the machine is fucked, so after about 10 trys it takes it, I get approved and heading out...


Then we have the car that follows you oh so slow while your walking in hopes you parked all the way at the front of the lot, and it's always the fat ass people who are too lazy to walk a extra 20 feet, I mean it's not gonna kill you to walk just a tad more everyday, the food isn't going anywhere... well I have fun cause I always park at the end of a lot and keep a smile on my face while they follow me, and then they get pissed when I go to far, LOL.


In my car, seemed like forever, and hey on the way out, about 5 cars run the stop sign, forcing me to sit there and use my finger more right then a finger banging night! Well hey we are out the lot on the road, about time, God I hate that place, they are the Anti God and they cause everyone to shop there only makes it worse, I'm sure I'll be there tommorow too...





Uploaded 10/28/2008
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