im kinda bored...

allright, i got a snow day today.

Yeah, idk how old some of you may have thought i was, but im only 18. Senior year.

So i wake up this morning, and see my school on the bottom of the news screen. naturally, i was kinda thrilled i didnt need to go to school, but then i started thinkin, WTF am i gonna do today? seriously, i dont have work, and my friends all flaked out on me. (yeah.. i texted that at 6:30 xD) So i decided to create a new holiday for myself. It shall occur every March 2nd, exclusively on from this point on. I shall call it "Comment shitty on everything day". just for today, i probably dont mean anything i say, but i kinda just feel like this should be a serious holiday for ebaumsworld. I expect full participation from everyone.

Their r only 2 rules u gotta follow.

1. Every comment you make has to insult somebody, in some way.

2. The more people you piss off, the more "Points" you get. There is no official point system, just make sure you have more points that everyone else. lol

This is just my way to make this most likely boring as hell day go by faster. You may continue to comment shittilly (Yes, i just made that word up) on people after today, but this the only day that you shall be formally "Allowed" to do this, so you wont be judged about it any day after.


Now... Good luck, and good fight!

EDIT: Just to give people time to find this blog, and learn the rules, we shall not begin until 3:00 PM est. thats like... 1:00 for california right? but uhh... feel free to be a shitface anyway... whos gonna stop you?

Uploaded 03/02/2009
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