I'm not crazy hear me out.

I think I was just in a minor earth quake or something.....

I've been living in this building for 2 and a half years now, and I've never felt what just happened to me....

I was sitting at my computer and then all of a sudden I felt like I was moving side to side... I thought maybe it was an equilibrium thing in my ears or something, making me feel all off balance, but then my lazy boy rocking chair started rocking, which means that my house was moving.   It's not a very windy day... there was no noise.... my washing machine is 2 floors below me, and I've heard it go off balance before, but this is was nothing like that.   Like I said there was no noise, so it wasn't one of my neighbors doing anything. 


So I called my mom and she said that she didn't hear  or feel anything.  So I started writing this, beginning to think there was an explosion near by or something,  when my sister called to say that there was an earth quake in Virgina or something, and it was felt all the way up in New York, which is only a few hours a way.

Neat! My very first earth quake!   Sorry to anyone who was devastated by anything like this, but that was fucking cool!   I wish it would have lasted longer....

Uploaded 08/23/2011
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