I'm not dead...yet.

In spite of their best efforts...

My doctors have failed to kill me. I'm not any better than when I was when I first went to them but at least I'm still breathing. Which is always a plus.

My mother-in-law has failed to kill me. I have had to do everything but channel Ghandi to summon the inner peace to keep from kicking her meddling butt and therefore sending me to the electric chair, but so far her efforts to cause havoc have been damage-controlled.

My temants have failed to kill me. Their ability to lose their keys then lock themselves out in the middle of the night is annoying. Their ability to bring home abusive drug-addicted lovers is moreso. Still, no deaths yet.

For that matter the apartment building itself has failed to kill me. Leaks, cracks, and all manners of precipitation have produced four times the work I normally get to fix the place, but it's Christmas time so the building must sense my schedule needs more stress.

My own relatives have failed to kill me. Caused me to drink, maybe, but kill

My cats have failed to kill me. Someone has apparently told them that if they trip me in the middle of the night they can make me break my neck and collect the insurance. The joke is on them. I owe so much money they will never see a dime.

Anyway...I'll catch up with everyone later. I'm looking to make a whole bunch of uploads today and then upload the spanking video I made tomorrow. Keep warm.

Uploaded 12/12/2008
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