I'm not sure if I like pickles or not

I've discovered a gold mine. The fucking late night shift at burger king. Now, I really, truly hate burger kings food. I hate that ass-juice "grilled" taste that they spray on all the food. I hate how they leave the fries out for 13 years at a time. You could say that I hate burger king.


But then I decided to go at 1 am. Fuck, I wanted some pizza rolls. Of course the grocery store was closed. Of course Mcdonalds was closed, so I couldn't get any cherry pies. Burger king was my last resort.


I hadn't eaten at burger king for years. I didn't even know what to get. So, naturally, I asked the girl taking my order. Damn, she sounded hott. They always sound hot at mcdonalds too, but end of being a 14 year old fat girl. So I wasn't expecting much. We talked back and forth through the intercom for a few minutes, and then I placed my order. She recommended a whopper.


I get up there, and she turns out to be kinda hot. Not hot like a hot chick, but more like that chick-at-the-Burgerking kinda hot. She gets me my food, I shoot the shit a little more, than pull out.


And me, being the loser really cool guy I am, decides that I would like to pull back around through.


"Can I take your order?" she says.

"Yea, I just wanted to hear your beautiful voice again. And to get a cherry slurpee deal."


This time I was cock blocked by the guy working. Fucking Tim. He kinda looks like the kid from Milk Money, if any of you have ever seen that. Fun Fact: That movie was shot in Ohio.


Another Fun Fact: That really wasn't a very fun fact.


Fuck that was a good burger. With all the pickles and stuff. I don't even like pickles and it was delicious.


I went back last night, and another girl was working. Red hair (schwang), but not as hot as the first girl. However, she did have a bigger rack than the first girl, so that makes up for it. She ended up giving her my number.


Fun Fact: sparks158 is the worst guy in the world at getting numbers. He can know someone for 2 years and not have their number, just because it's so awkward for him to come out and ask.


Anyway, Burger King is apparently full of semi-hot chicks who only work night shift. Fuck I want some pickles.

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