I'm Out

I've never written a blog before, so bear with me here. This is my requiem for a website.

I've visited this place since 2000 when it was a small piece of shit website. It was cool, though. I remember when updates weren't live and when it changed to like five new features a night at around midnight EST.

I was hesitant to sign up when it first became available because I didn't feel it fit the vibe of the site and didn't think comments would add anything. I was dead wrong about that. The comment sections took on a life of their own, even giving a group of people a place to hang out. I thought it was weird at first, but I strongly I believe in to each his own, and embraced the people here even though I regularly made fun of them. Out of these groups came hilarious comments along with many personalities. I thought to myself these guys in charge of the site know what they're doing.

Then Eric Bauman and co. sold the site to ZVUE, and then that company proceeded to take all of their computers and basically kick them out. At that point, many people thought "this is it, this site is going in the shitter." I even followed Eric to his new site,, as a few other dedicated ebaumsworld users did, and uploaded videos there for a while until they switched their format as well. I was actually away from this site for about a year and half, only occasionally checking in with the only alt I created, mixmastermax.

Around the time when ebaumnation switched their users section for comments to facebook comments I came back here. My first post was how many weeks it was since my last login. I think it was 91. You can see on my page someone posted "welcome back" that day. The place hadn't changed a bit. The only difference was there were a few members I remembered that weren't posting anymore. Most notably it was people that left the site and went to ebaumnation when that started up. People like UofL3000 and swifttallon. Anyone remember the "Free UofL3000" avatars that cropped up when he was banned? Anyway, this site was still reminiscent of its good old self then and for a while after that.

Then for some reason the people in charge figured it would be a good idea to change the look and feel of the site last month. They did a terrible job. I don't know what they were thinking, but the change made it seem like an entirely different site. It's like they totally turned their back on the people who came to the site and helped make it what it was. That is unacceptable.

My last post on a feature here says "why still leave comments on this shit hole? i'm done. fuck you." and that's going to be my last post I post on a feature. I tried sticking around, but it's just not the same. What put me over the edge to write this was seeing NutGobbler just up and leave this site today by giving up his password. I did that with my mixmastermax account when I gave that up, but that account didn't mean anything to me. NutGobbler was a much more active commenter then I have been over the years and to see him just give it up so easily speaks volumes. He cared about this site like I did, and felt betrayed just like I did by the ridiculous changes recently made. They sold out.

Well, that's it. It was fun while lasted, but everything comes to an end. I'm a little sad to say that this is it. I really am done. There are plenty of other sites with the same content, so since I don't like this site the way it is anymore there is no reason for me to be here. I'm changing my avatar back to the original one I had then I'm leaving this shit site forever. Goodbye.
Uploaded 07/02/2012
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