Im scared

  I am in a tough situation right now, as we all are. The economy has become so fucked up.  Im so scared I wont even be able to afford to live a healthy life a few years from now. I am sick and tired of always worrying about the bills, mortgage, groceries, losing my job, unexpected emergencies, and everything else having to do with fucking MONEY. Why does the world have to revolve around money? It just pisses me off. I know money is something we all need, and want. The world has to take money to make more money. But I just don't understand why I have to have so much of it to live RIGHT. Why do I have to fucking pay for water, when it is all over the place? Do you mean to tell me, I have to pay to take a damn shower?  I think it is just so fucked up. There is so much that needs to change.

If one day I have kids, what will they face? Woudl it be wrong of me to bring them into this FUCKED UP SHITHOLE? Will the world be worse than it is now? Will they be able to live a healthy life? It just gets worse everyday. Life is a bitch, but its a bitch ALL THE TIME. I haven't been able to relax and not be stressed for a DAMN GOOD WHILE. I have done all I can to save and make money. Nothing works anymore! There is no way out. I can't even by myself a decent pair of shoes because I have to save all the money I can to afford everything else to live. I hope and pray every night that this will get better.

I really don't know what to do. I have taken all the advice, tried new and different things to make money, and it is just never enough. I am barely getting by. When I was young I worried that this would happen, so I planned my future out carefully and took caution, but apparently it didn't work. I have a good job, and a career and I work hard, but how come I am just getting by? Even though I have a high paying job?

Why does everything have to cost so damn much?!!!

I kind of wished i lived in the old days when everything was cheap. Why does a simple shirt have to cost 30 fucking dollars? Why does a pair of GOOD shoes that won't tear up have to cost 60 dollars? WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO COST SO FUCKING MUCH?? I just don't get it. How is their not a way to better all this?

THERE HAS GOT TO BE A WAY! Somebody needs to take some fucking action!! I think we all need to get together and go against it!

The government makes everything worse, they just don't give a fuck, they are so fucking careless. They know people need help, they know people are losing their jobs, they know people arent making enough money, but they still don't do a damn thing about it. They might try, but if it doesn't work, then they just say fuck it! they keep screwing us over, and we are their people. WHAT THE FUCK KINDA SHIT IS THAT? Were all from the same country so why the fuck does the government get all the good? WE ARE THE ONES THAT MAKE THE MONEY, AND DO ALL THE HARD WORK. They fuck their own people over! Bush really made it fuckin happen didn't he? FUCK BUSH! He is one reason most of this bullshit is happening.

Hopefully when we get a new president they will know what the fuck they are doing! But I can honestly say that i will not be voting because I think we are screwed, no matter who wins the election!


Uploaded 10/23/2008
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