I'm sick of this shit alcoholic nation

I haven't ranted for awhile, I'm sure you all missed me. Before I get into this, I should begin by qualifying what I'm about to say. I think everyone has the right to do whatever they want to themselves that they feel like, even if it puts me in danger that's just a aprtof life to me. That being said, I'm sick to death of these beer drinking assholes and psuedo intelectual arrogant dickheads with thier elaborately named piss water. I don't care in the least what chemicals one shoves down thier hole, but it infuriates me to have to explain myself almost daily. I'm an anomaly aparently in that I'm over 21 and I don't drink. I never have. Not because I care about my health, or because I have some issue with it, mostly just because it doesn't appeal to me. I'm quite fucked up on my own, and I don't need assistence dealing with life. Everyone has the right to drink, but I never cease to get funny looks when I'm forced to tell someone I don't. That wouldn't be too bad if it weren't such a cultural item in America. every other ad in anything is for some alcoholic product or another. Almost everyone I know uses it as a crutch for thier problems. I come from a family of alcoholics, some of them just with thier single glass of wine every few hours and some of them hard core fucked up. I think it demonstrates the rgeatest weakness to need a substance to get you through life. I sympathize, life is fucked. Without sex violence and beef jerky I might fold like a card table myself, but I deal with my own feelings and inhibitions for what they are. Don't get me started on these dickheads that use it to get laid. nothing instills more hatred in me. The worst thing about using alcohol to fuck someone is that we've almost made it okay. It's not even looked down upon anymore. Aparently rape isn't much of a crime lately, I don't know the story with this. The sunniest example is in the comercial for cialis it says not to drink alcohol ine xcess when using it. that gets me, because I figure if you need boner pills and fucked perception both just to stick it to who you want to stick it to, then you aught not to be having sex with that person for sure. I can't imagine what they must look like. We have so many boner pills and not much to keeep the memory together, soon we're gonna have a bunch of old men with boners who forgot what they're for. I digress however. I just think the whole image is unrealistic. the image seems to be that normal, decent, upstanding, even well balanced people drink. that it makes you masculine and powerful or some dumb shit. I don't care if people want to get shit faced, but no one's empowered and you probably weren't doing great to begin with. Having consumed it, you'll likely kill someone or do some other regretable thing. I think smokers are getting a bad deal lately. It's getting so you can't smoke anywhere. In bars was the oddest thing. Some guy can be pounding down shots and still complain about second hand smoke? How did anyone justify that shit? 'Hey buddy could you knock off that smoking, I'm trying to fuck up my liver and my senses while not mildly damaging my lungs.' right....I know it's just a big industry here, that's the only reason it's so saturated. your goverment loves you enough to trade away your safety for alittle more power to the upper percentile dickheads. you should all have realized that by now though. The point of this whole rant is simply that you're not special because you drink, you're fucking weak. you need a crutch to get you through life, and instead of getting a better one you chose one that puts yourself and others in danger. you're a selfish dickhead for doing so. I know not everyone that drinks gets completely falling down drunk, some of them just get alittle buzzed, but if the point isn't to get shit faced then I wonder why bother. even if you're friends are doing it, have alittle restraint and think for yourself. You all can try, but I doubt anyone is going to convince me it's not a weak habit to have. Otherwise, go on doing it if you like it, I dont even care if you hurt yourself or anyone else, just admit your weakness and dont pretend I'm some fucking outcast because I'm above that shit. It's the only bad habit that people give you shit for not having. no one ever said 'really? you dont smash yourself in the face with a hammer? Why not?' but it's equivalent if you ask me. enough of this nonsense. I'm out.

Uploaded 07/31/2008
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